Graduate Funding

General Funding for Graduate Students in History

The department endeavors to provide financial support to all students. At present this support normally covers the first six years of graduate study, provided the student is making satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. as determined by an annual review by the graduate committee. Occasionally, students may be admitted who receive no support or only tuition remission during their first year; they may be awarded more substantial grants in subsequent years. Except for those who plan some career other than teaching, all doctoral students, regardless of financial support, are normally expected to participate for two years in the department's program of training in teaching.

Students apply for funding from sources outside the department or university as part of their graduate training. Grants and fellowships provide expanded options for training and research, and enhance a student's chances of employment upon completing the program.

Please note that, for languages offered at Washington University during the summer term, students who are completing their first, second, third, or fourth year in the program are eligible for tuition remission.  To be considered for full tuition remission, the language must be critical to successful completion of the dissertation research.  If the necessary language courses are offered during the fall or spring semesters, it is preferable to take them at that time.  In February, the Graduate School makes an announcement regarding tuition remission for summer courses, and the History Department will circulate this announcement among the graduate students.

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