History of Education in the United States


Examines education within the context of American social and intellectual history. Using a broad conception of education in the United States and a variety of readings in American culture and social history, the course focuses on such themes as the variety of institutions involved with education, including family, church, community, work place, and cultural agency; the ways relationships among those institutions have changed over time; the means individuals have used to acquire an education; and the values, ideas, and practices that have shaped American educational policy in different periods of our history. NOTE ABOUT ENROLLMENT: All students will be initially waitlisted. Because this is a writing intensive course, enrollment will most likely be 12-15 students. Enrollment preference will be given to students who are majoring/minoring in Educational Studies, Teacher Education, Applied Linguistics, History, American Culture Studies, and Children's Studies and to students needing to complete their Writing Intensive requirement. Instructor will e-mail students about enrollment.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; BU BA; AS HUM; AS SD I; AS WI I; AS SC

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History of Education in the United States
INSTRUCTOR: Michelle Purdy
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