Mapping LGBTQ St. Louis

co-directed by Professor Andrea Friedman and Miranda Rectenwald

“Mapping LGBTQ St. Louis”  is a historical GIS map that centers LGBTQ experiences in a divided St. Louis  between 1945 and 1992.Viewers of the map can see the ways that LGBTQ people made space for themselves in an environment that was often hostile to their existence.

Equally important, this project explores how LGBTQ St. Louis itself was divided, especially by race, but also by gender identity and expression, by experiences of policing and violence, and by socioeconomic status.

By examining the ways that urban space shaped the sites, the networks, and the social structures of LGBTQ life, the map showcases the complexities of crafting community across difference.

“Mapping LGBTQ St. Louis” is co-directed by Professor Andrea Friedman (History/WGSS) and Washington University Libraries Curator of Local History, Miranda Rectenwald.

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