Justin Meyer

Graduate Student in History
Status: Post-Qualification, ABD

Justin is a sixth-year PhD candidate who researches German Renaissance Humanism.

In his dissertation, Justin is investigating how patriotic, German  humanists in the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries used and appropriated knowledge from ancient, medieval, and Renaissance sources in the creation of a German identity. He argues that the German humanists’ use of these sources does not conform to prevailing scholarly notions of humanism, and that Italo-centric definitions of the humanist movement fail to account for the social, cultural, and intellectual milieux outside of Italy. Justin’s first article, “Germania Romana: Geographical-Historical Transformation and the Necessity of Rome for German Patriotic Humanists” is forthcoming with the Sixteenth Century Journal. In the article, he demonstrates how German patriotic humanists used the ancient Roman provinces as spaces to discuss and create narratives of geographical and historical transformation. He argues that the provinces functioned to create vital links between German and Roman history, which intimately tied Ancient Rome to the history of the humanists’ homeland, Germania.

Justin’s broader intellectual interests include ancient and medieval reception, Classics, intellectual history, and studies of national identity and nationalism.

Advisor: Professor Christine Johnson

Link to article about Justin’s dissertation: https://artsci.wustl.edu/ampersand/16th-century-german-humanists-assemble-constructing-multi-century-genealogy-knowledge

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