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Service Learning: Documenting the Queer Past in St. Louis

History 3173 - Fall 2020

Around the U.S. and the world, grassroots LGBTQ+ history projects investigate the queer past as a means of honoring the courage of those who have come before, creating a sense of community today, and understanding the exclusions and divisions that shaped their communities and continue to limit them. In this course, we participate in this national project of history-making by helping to excavate the queer past in the greater St. Louis region. Course readings will focus on the ways that sexual identities and communities in the United States have been shaped by urban settings since the late nineteenth century, with particular attention to the ways that race, class and gender have structured queer spaces and communities. We will pay particular attention to these processes in the St. Louis region. As part of their community-engaged learning, students will complete an oral history interview with a St. Louis LGBTQ+ community member and otherwise contribute to preserving LGBTQ+ history in the St. Louis region. We end the semester with a party celebrating the folks who have contributed to our oral history project. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a community-engaged learning class, which means it combines classroom learning with work in the community. In addition to regular class time, plan to spend an additional 3-5 hours a week on community-engaged learning. Before beginning community service students must complete required training. Prereq: Intro to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies or Intro to Queer Studies, or permission of instructor.

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Service Learning: Documenting the Queer Past in St. Louis
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