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Muhammad: His Life and Legacy

History 3512 - Spring 2021

Muhammad's life and legacy have shaped the antique and modern worlds in innumerable ways. As a prophet, his revelations and pious example serve as the bedrock of the religion of Islam. As a historical figure, his biographers have considered every aspect of his life in intense detail, and have argued - and continue to argue - over his legacy in the light of their own particular concerns and contexts. This course considers Muhammad's life and legacy as it has been recounted and represented from the earliest sources to the modern day. As we examine Muhammad's life we consider historical materials ranging from Islamic texts to medieval polemics alongside more recent depictions in sources ranging from Egyptian romance novels to Iranian blockbuster films. The course concludes by considering the profound debates over the visual representation of Muhammad today. Such debates over Muhammad's image, particularly in Western Europe and the United States, bring to the fore deeply-rooted anxieties around issues such as immigration, freedom of speech, and the place of religion in the modern world. Please note: L75 5510 is intended for graduate students only.
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Muhammad: His Life and Legacy
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