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Hands on the Past: History, Murder and the Archive

History 35SM - Fall 2020

The future depends on the past. This course taps into that understanding by offering an alternative hands-on methods class to encourage undergraduate student engagement with history and archives, both on and off line. In this particular class, students will be nurtured to more deeply interact with the historical past by exploring gender, race, violence, murder, crime, criminality and sexuality through three central questions explored throughout the course: What and how is African American history conducted? How do we best document the past with students fully at the intellectual table of production and preservation? How do we make history with history? These exciting and diverse interests will be pursued through in class discussions and course assigned readings that point to national archives as well as local repositories including across Missouri -local archives and the State archives, towards activating the idea of putting tangible hands on the past.
Course Attributes: EN SBU HumBU BAAS SSCAS SD I

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Hands on the Past: History, Murder and the Archive
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