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Higher Education in American Culture

History 4288 - Fall 2020

Colleges and universities in the United States have been the sites of both cultural conservation and political and cultural subversion from their founding in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They have been integral to the nation's and to regional cultural and economic development. In addition, they have functioned as one component of an increasingly diversified and complex system of education. This course surveys higher education in American history, including the ideas that have contributed to shaping that history, beginning with its origins in European institutional models. We use primary and secondary readings to examine critically its conflict-ridden institutional transformation from exclusively serving the elite to increasingly serving the masses. We explore the cultural sources of ideas as well as the growth and diversification of institutions, generations of students and faculty as they changed over time, and curricular evolutions and revolutions in relation to the larger social and cultural contexts of institutional expansion.
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Higher Education in American Culture
INSTRUCTOR: Aurora Kamimura
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