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History of Political Thought in the Middle East

History 4461 - Spring 2021

This course aims to study political thought and practice in Islamic history (ca.8-13th centuries) through a close reading of a selection of primary sources in translation (and in their original language if language proficiency is satisfactory). Particular attention will be given to historical contexts in which thoughts are espoused and texts written. We plan to examine the development of political concepts and themes as articulated in diverse literary genres (legal, theological, political) from the 8th through the 13th century. We hope to engage various theoretical models to analyze the relationship between politics and religion and tease out the role of power in determining socio-political relations, distinctions, and structures. We hope to have a better grasp on the historicity of ideas presented in timeless categories in political discourse. Prereqs: Advanced knowledge of Arabic preferred but not required.
Course Attributes: AS HUMAS LCDAS SC

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History of Political Thought in the Middle East
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