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Core Seminar in East Asian Studies

History 4841 - Fall 2020

This course introduces students to some of the major approaches and methodologies scholars have used for studying East Asia in the humanities and social sciences. Together we will discuss the history of Asian Studies and influential scholarship to identify how others have formulated questions about East Asia, and how they have attempted to answer them. This will provide the means for students to orient themselves in the field of East Asian Studies and begin to generate scholarly questions and answers of their own. Open to juniors and seniors majoring or minoring in EAS, EALC, History, Art History, or other East Asia-related fields. Required of MA and MBA/MA students in East Asian Studies, and second year JD/MA students in East Asian Studies. Open to graduate students focusing on East Asia in other disciplines. Undergraduates register for L03 484. Graduates for L03 584.
Course Attributes: EN HAS HUMAS LCDFA HUM

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Core Seminar in East Asian Studies
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