Undergraduate Prizes

J. Walter Goldstein Prize for the Best Senior Honors Thesis

2018 - James Drueckhammer and Sophie Lombardo

James Drueckhammer
"'Their Word Carries More Weight Than a Government Order': Witchcraft Prosecutions and Political Offenders in Colonial Kenya"
Advised by Prof. Tim Parsons

Sophie Lombardo
"Robert Kempner and the Politics of Postwar Justice"
Advised: Prof. Anika Walke

2017 - Rahmi Salhin Elahjji

When Development Goes Wrong: The Drainage of the Marshes of Southern Iraq in Historical Perspective
Advised by Prof. Nancy Reynolds

2016 - Ruby Ritchin

“Women’s Work”: Ada Maimon and Feminist Struggle in British Mandate Palestine and Early Israel
Advised by Prof. Anika Walke

2015 - Sonya Schoenberger

Civilizing Combat: The American War in the Philippines, 1899-1902
Advised by Prof. Elizabeth Borgwardt

2014  - Benjamin Allen Misch

Nine Meals from Anarchy: Japanese Famine in the Summer of 1946
Advised by Prof. Elizabeth Borgwardt

2013 - Alyssa Jenifer Stein and Hannah Rae Lustman

Alyssa Jenifer Stein
From Social Reform to Urban Modernization
Advised by Prof. Maggie Garb

Hannah Rae Lustman
"Electric shock is simply something you don't go around talking about at cocktail parties”: The Fractured Political Narrative of Thomas F. Eagleton
Advised by Prof. Iver Bernstein

2012 - Jonathan Lee Kovacs and Abby Tzy-Ming Sung

Jonathan Lee Kovacs
The Life and Death of an American Town: The Hamburg Massacre of July 1876 and the Rise and Fall of African-American Political Culture in Reconstruction South Carolina
Advised by Prof. Iver Bernstein

Abby Tzy-Ming Sung
Malaria, “Development,” and Eradication Illusions: The WHO and the Global Battle against Malaria in the Twentieth Century
Advised by Prof. Jean Allman

2011 - Andrew Jeffery Collings

Our land, our jewel, our possession: Conquest, Christianization, and the Mexica inquisition of 1536-1540
Advised by Prof. Mark Pegg

Helen and Isaac Izenberg Prize for the Best Advanced Seminar Paper

2018 - Rachel Butler

"'Guilt, therefore I do not acknowledge': Confessions of an English Opium Eater and the Rise of Personal Addiction Narrative"
Advanced Seminar: History of the Body
taught by Prof. Corinna Treitel

2016 - Ari Spitzer and Evan Stark

Ari Spitzer
"Prosthesis and Intellectual Property Law in the Postbellum Years"
Advanced Seminar: Medicine on the Frontiers
taught by Prof. Christine Johnson

Evan Stark
"The Stuff of Legion: A Study of the Background and Careers of the Officers of the Legion of the United States"
Advanced Seminar: The Founding Fathers' Government in an Electronic Age
taught by Prof. Peter Kastor

2015 - Nishanth Uli

"Brown Skins and White Rulers: Perceptions of the Colonized Body in British India"
Advanced Seminar: History of the Body
taught by Prof. Corinna Treitel

2014 - Janice Byun and Laura Chicoine

Janice Byun
“The Want to Live: HIV/Aids and Nation Building in South Africa”
Advanced Seminar: Gender, Race, and Class in South Africa
taught by Prof. Jean Allman

Laura Chicoine
“Commemoration in Public Space: The Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail”
Advanced Seminar: Planning Global Cities
taught by Profs. Maggie Garb and Eric Mumford

2013 - Katie Meola

“Saya: ‘Lo que la colonia no podía borrar’ Performing blackness in Bolivia”
Advanced Seminar: Blacks and Indians in Latin America
taught by Prof. Yuko Miki

2012 - Jennifer Michelle Jeffers

2011 - Emily Marie Hammer

Shirley McDonald Wallace Prize for the Best Performance by a First-Year Student in Western Civilization I & II


Nicholas Jarvis


James Drueckhammer


Samantha Ann Allen


Ellen Amanda Park

Konig Prize in Law and History

2018 - Mary Ellis

"Modernization in Nineteenth Century Egypt: Hakimas and Reproductive Health Historical Methods: Law and Revolution in Modern Egypt"
taught by Prof. Nancy Reynolds

2017 - Aaron Alexander Wildavsky and Lucretia Cole Bunzel

2016 - Charles Ethan Thau